30 hours of free childcare

The doubling of free childcare to 30 hours is being rolled out by the Government across the country this year. So what is the free childcare deal? In a nutshell, many working parents of 3 to 4-year-olds in England will be eligible for 30 hours of childcare.

More information you can find here https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare

Trip to Meanwood Farm

On the 11th and the 26th of April we ventured out from our nursery to take a trip to Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. Both these trips were exciting adventures, the first of our adventures was to catch the buses! We had to take two buses to get there….

Erasmus Plus – Learning English Through Signs

The Learn English through signs project is for  development  and testing an innovative method of teaching English to children between the ages of 2 and 6 whose first language is not English. We  have been  producing a training programme, together with teaching and learning materials for early years childcare professionals and language teachers in the partner countries. In addition, learning tools and materials were  produced that can be used by the teachers.

The methods and tools were tested with great success in childcare settings in the partner countries. The method uses signs (British sign language), supported by teaching aids such as video, flash cards and music which can be easily assimilated by the children using direct links to their own language. In the UK, LETS was  tested within childcare settings with children whose first language is not English. In Slovenia and Poland, the model was  tested with children learning English, under the age of 6. The model is now used in 20 settings across Europe.

For more information please use link below