Domi Domingo is an outstanding day nursery!

Domi Domingo – organic and vegan friendly day nursery based in Burley, Leeds. We welcome children of all nationalities and background, and we celebrate our differences there.

We believe that every child is unique and an individual. Domi Domingo staff work hard to create an environment that allows your child to learn and flourish in our secure home – like nursery.

Domi Domingo Mission: Our children will be happy, healthy and develop to the best of their abilities in a loving, caring and supportive environment!

Every child is assigned a key person who will develop a strong relationship with you and your child. Key person will plan activities for your child depending they interests and needs.

We try and make our nursery as healthy as possible – we do provide healthy food and snacks, and an outdoor area for fresh air on daily basis!

Domi Domingo strives to help you raise a child, who would be healthy, creative, happy and free. We aim to support your child by encouraging them to:


At Domi Domingo we care for the environment.

We try to ensure that all of the necessities we require to make our business work has the least impact on the environment possible. A few examples of the way we care for the environment is by using:

  • ♡ 100% renewable electricity
  • ♡ Recycling our waste
  • ♡ Nappies are incinerated & the energy recycled
  • ♡ Ecological cleaning products
  • ♡ Organic food

We believe that if we can engage children at a young age to be conscious about the world we live in and the impact we make on it – that will help to nurture future generation who will continue to care for our planet.