Trip to Meanwood Farm

On the 11th and the 26th of April we ventured out from our nursery to take a trip to Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. Both these trips were exciting adventures, the first of our adventures was to catch the buses! We had to take two buses to get there as well as a nice little walk through the city centre. To keep us entertained on these bus journeys we sang songs and played games, we also described what we could see outside.

The animals we that we saw on our trip

Once we got to the farm, there were a lot of animals to explore, we especially liked the sheep as they got to pet the lambs. When we got to the pigs we counted 14 pigs that we could see, they were all sleeping until one of the pigs woke them all up which we had a giggle about! The other animals that we could see were: donkeys, cows, alpacas, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks and goats.


The gardens

The gardens were full of brightly coloured flowers and we said all the colours that we could see, in the middle of the farm was a statue that had all the animals on which once again we said what we  could see. There was a lot of home grown plants and herbs which we also liked to look at.

The overall trip experience

Overall we really enjoyed our trip out, we liked eating our snacks and food in the small friendly cafe where we also read a few stories and talked about our day. One of the bus drivers was so friendly we even got a high five each at the end of our journey back to nursery. We knew we had a good time when we came back tired and couldn’t stop talking about the events that had happened, some of us even fell asleep!