We firmly believe that every child at Domi Domingo is special, and we want to encourage every child to be the best they can at anything they set out to do. This is an important ethos and message that we believe children should believe in. The first thing that we would do is get to know your child. We would listen to your concerns and note these. If your child already has outside agencies working with them, we would liaise with them and look at future support from Nursery. 

If your child hasn’t been diagnosed or has no outside agencies working with them, we would have very open and honest conversations with you – it might mean a referral to an outside agency should we have any concerns. This is called ‘Early Intervention.’ The benefit of this is that if your child needs a bit more support in a certain area, for example in their speech and language,  research shows that the earlier we get that support the better for your child in the long run. 

We would then continue to work alongside the professionals and follow their advice. This might mean different teams coming into Nursery to observe and work with your child. We will always let you know when this is happening and share all information with you. We would ask that you do the same. 

Sometimes we will put things in place in Nursery to support your child and judge that at that moment in time, no referral to an outside agency is needed. We would ask that you support us in any strategies that we have in place so there is consistency at home and at Nursery.