Outstanding Nursery in Leeds!!


Domi Domingo is an outstanding day nursery!

Domi Domingo – organic and vegan friendly day nursery based in Burley, Leeds. We welcome children of all nationalities and background, and we celebrate our differences there.

We believe that every child is unique and an individual. Domi Domingo staff work hard to create an environment that allows your child to learn and flourish in our secure home – like nursery.

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Baby Bunnies Room

In our baby room we have our smallest children from 3 months old to when they are competent walkers. The children are encouraged to learn through many different…

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Bunnies Room

Our toddler room starts from when the children are confident walkers. We have different areas of play within our toddler room to help develop the children’s development.

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Rabbits Room

You will find the oldest children within the preschool room and our aim is to prepare them for school life. As a setting we are advocates of the in the moment planning…

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Our Staff

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Our mission: to create a homely feel at the nursery that every child would feel safe and could develop to their best abilities.

Emma Murphy


We are a big family who love seeing your children every day!

Lynval Edmeade

Deputy Manager

We are accepted for being ourselves, encouraged to be the best that we can be and feel we share the same passion in childcare.

Chantelle Bradbury

Deputy Manager

I like seeing your child to get to those ‘ah ha’ moments, you know those times your child suddenly understands the solution to a problem they’ve been struggling with for a long time, all supported by the fantastic Domi Domingo Team.

Dale Lucciarini

Third In Charge

I have had the chance to wotk my way up and been given opportunites to learn and travel that I’ve never had before. I’ve been guided and worked to where I am today.

Emma Jessop

Office Manager

I am able to do an admin role in a fun, friendly enviroment.

Emma Frieze

Speech & Language Support

The reason I enjoy working at DD is because

Emily Butterfield


Working with children is so rewarding and the staff are amazing.

Jane Conneely

Baby Room Leader

Every day is different!

Rebecca Fraser

Toddler Room Leader

I get to work with a great team, parents and children.

Ifrah Iqbal

Pre-School Room Leader

I feel that helping children to become more confident and able to express themselves is really important. Children are the puzzles and I enjoy implementing different activities in order to solve them.

Olivia Dubois

Pre-School Deputy Room Leader

Every day brings something new and our parents are so lovely.</

Sadia Shan

Nursery Practitioner

I like working with babies, and the staff are nice.

Natalie Mellor

Nursery Practitioner

I love working in the baby room, we’re a great team!

Rebecca Gray

Nursery Practitioner

The job is rewarding and has taught me so much about children and development.

Neelum Mehmood

Nursery Practitioner

I am really happy to be part of Domi Domingo team.

Laura Dixon

Nursery Practitioner

Every day brings a new experience and life lesson.

Jessica Ellery

Nursery Practitioner

We get to see children constantly developing and enjoying themselves.

Patricia Mulero

Nursery Practitioner

Children bring out the best of you!

Leoni Ryder

Nursery Practitioner

The job provides me with challenges that test my skill set and allow me to grow personally and professionally.

Ayesha Bibi

Nursery Practitioner

Working with children is something I love and it’s so rewarding. Thw staff here are amazing.

Erin Harrison

Nursery Practitioner

We are a big family who love seeing your children every day!

Ghazwan Al-Saedi

Nursery Assistant

It feels like my other family here. I love supporting the children to make them grow.

Kiran Saddique

Nursery Assistant

Domi Domingo has a great learning and welcoming environment.

Ingrida Lipaite

Nursery Assistant


Susana Gonzalez

Nursery Assistant

I didn’t want to describe myself as

Rima Buivydiene

Kitchen Assistant & Cleaner

I am very happy to work with such a creative, active and young team and feel like a very important part of Domi Domingo Family.

What Parent’s Have To Say

We LOVE our parents and carers and we’re so proud to share some of their thoughts with you…


Learning Activity

At Domi Domingo we carefully consider which activities your child would benefit from and enjoy. These are carefully planned for all children.

Our organic kitchen

The Domi Domingo Kitchen is a feast that celebrates healthy and delicious food every day!

Domi Domingo is an organic and vegan-friendly nursery, where all the meals are made from scratch in our kitchen. The food that the nursery offers is prepared using more than 75% organic ingredients because we know how important it is for the young ones to get all the vitamins and nutrition that children need so that they could grow up to be big and strong!

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Our Fees

Full Day
£53/ day

7.30am – 6pm

Morning Session
£30/ day

7:30am – 1pm

Afternoon Session
£26.50/ day

1pm – 6pm

Our Achievements