Our Rooms

Each of our rooms has been designed for a specific age group, with furnishings, equipment and toys selected to stimulate and enhance children’s learning at each stage.

Baby Bunnies Room

In our baby room we have our smallest children from 3 months old to when they are competent walkers. The children are encouraged to learn through many different ways including exploratory play and sensory activities. All toys and resources are accessible to our babies at all times so that they can choose what to do for themselves, this helps them grow their self-awareness and self-confidence

Bunnies Room

Our toddler room starts from when the children are confident walkers. We have different areas of play within our toddler room to help develop the children’s development. There is free flow play which means our children can play outside when they choose to and will be supported by staff members whether inside or out to explore the differences that surround them within their environment

Rabbits Room

You will find the oldest children within the preschool room and our aim is to prepare them for school life. As a setting we are advocates of the in the moment planning, this means that activities are more focused on the child’s interests and helps them learn through their play. In preschool we carry out phonics, helicopter stories, number land and an active learning group session where the children are split into three groups to do activities which rotates daily and is done twice a day. We encourage the children to mark make and get excited just as you would do when they first write or spell their own name


At Domi Domingo we pride ourselves by offering stimulating experiences in both our outdoor environments. Our children have a deeper understanding of nature and learn to respect the environment whilst they are learning about nature, plants and changing weather. We encourage them to explore testing/pushing their own physical boundaries. We believe it’s essential for children to play outdoors, which is why we have our free flow policy throughout our rooms and encouraging play as much as possible. Playing outdoors encourages children to do physical activities to burn some of their energy off as well as promoting a sense of “well-being” and developing their physical attributes

Sensory Rooms

Children at Domi Domingo take advantage of our sensory rooms, which are next door to our nursery. Domi Domingo hub offers two sensory rooms; a black and white one which is particularly stimulating for babies, and a colour room which has lots of sensory resources in for our children to explore. The hub also offers an open space and our children take part in movement and explorative play here.
The sensory rooms offer an excellent environment for our children with additional needs, and they often enjoy 1:1 time with their keyperson in here. These rooms allow time for your child to explore and develop in a space that is focussed towards their needs.
The rooms are also available to hire privately and our parents often take advantage of this. More information can be found on the hub website, www.domidomingohub.co.uk